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User Info: Chimera268

3 months ago#1
Is It good and Is it easy to use? I never had any Apple computers and also do you need to buy the mouse separately?
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User Info: member1982

3 months ago#2
yes you need to buy the mouse separately for all macbooks, because there is a trackpad, it can be very good for majority of things, and sometimes outperforms a mouse with multitouch functions, sometimes not.

you can go to an Apple Store and they will show you in and outs, of course depending on what you are currently using, there will be a learning curve, especially with keys, commands, apps, eco-system, and Apple's syncing system.
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User Info: Magnamite

3 months ago#3
It's great. My first MacBook Air is a 2018 model and I'm using it right now. Would recommend opting for 16gb of RAM instead of 8gb. Mine is 8gb and it works fine, just wish I got a little more when I had the chance.

User Info: EvilResident

2 months ago#4
@Chimera268 So what did you decide ❔❓
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