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User Info: oberon2007

4 months ago#21
Both. And about to upgrade my iPad to a Pro.

User Info: Wesker646

4 months ago#22
iPad only, because it’s the only viable tablet game in town imo. Phone, not so much because it’s expensive compared to other phones in eu. I also gave up on smartphones, cannot handle the screen size.
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User Info: EvilResident

4 months ago#23
member1982 posted...

User Info: Starboost

3 months ago#24

Planning to upgrade my iPad to a Pro later in the future. Don't think I'll upgrade my iPhone for a while.

User Info: Every1hasAids

3 months ago#25
PSN: Axiom_Hammer084
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User Info: knightmere122

2 months ago#26
11 Pro
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User Info: Tirekyll

1 month ago#29
iPad Air 2. Starting to slow down but still a good tablet.
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User Info: BosSBaer

1 month ago#30
iPhone (2 of them)
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