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User Info: Haipanda

7 years ago#1
Is this game good?? I played disgeae ds and it was awesome!! I wanted another good game by nis America and this was the only one
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User Info: Albinosquid

7 years ago#2
I really enjoyed this game tbh. Disgaea is a strategy RPG, Rhapsody is not. Rhapsody revolves around exploring a world rather than having a base and entering only battles like Disgaea.

Anyways heres some Pros and Cons


-Nice updated Graphics
-Tons of Party members to collect
-Kururu is now playable (was not available in original PS version)
-Beautiful sountrack and musical numbers
-Incredibly touching story
-Great Characters
-Hilarious dialogue


-Has quite a few glitches (can be avoided though)
-Battles are Random and Dungeons are a tad to big at times
-The Demo for the sequel was taken off the US ver. Of the game


-The game is a tad bit too short
-The musical numbers are all in Japanese

I would recommend this game regardless of tastes though. This game made me overflow with emotions and bawl my eyes out during the credits. If you can overlook the minor flaws in this game then get it.
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User Info: shimmy6

7 years ago#3
I really loved playing this game. It's charming, funny and unique. Didn't experience any glitches. The songs are sung in Japanese, but you see an English translation on your screen. It's not an exact translation - because it's made to rhyme. Just in case you want to sing along, I guess. Wish someone would write a transliteration FAQ for this game - I'd like to sing along in Japanese, even if I don't understand what I'm singing! Also, after you watch a musical performance, you can watch it again from the main menu.

One thing that's great about this game is that you can use only stylus or only button controls or any combination of the two you like. Another great thing is the dungeon maps in the FAQs on this board. Check them out! The walkthrough is well done, too.
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