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User Info: boeing321

8 years ago#1

I see some good deals on this on ebay.

My questions are:

I know this game is supposedly very easy. Does it become somewhat challenging at some parts?

is the story o.k, and is the game itself long?


User Info: KeeperoftheKeys

8 years ago#2
This game is extremely easy and will take no more than 10 hours to finish, but the music and story are very good. The story is pretty lighthearted and funny. Lot's of lovable characters. The music is very catchy too.

You're mainly going to play this game for the story and music, but it's ssoooo fun!

User Info: who

8 years ago#3
It doesn't have any really challenging parts unless you actively try to make the game hard. The characters and story makes up for any shortcomings the gameplay gives. Definitely worth the $10 Gamestop charges, although I recommend playing the PS1 version if you can. Comes with a CD of the music which is in English unlike the DS version and it has a better portrait art style.

User Info: Sn4k3Ey3S

8 years ago#4
ya. agreed to the 2 who posted above. Nothing much challenging. But the music and story is nice. YEah... and the chars are not bad too. Of cause also, kururu is pretty !

User Info: shimmy6

8 years ago#5
***Warning! Possible spoilers!***

The story is sweet, heart-warming, and amusing. You can finish in 10 hours or so, but it will probably take you quite a bit longer if you want to get all the dialogue (revisit places after each major accomplishment) and if you do all the quests. Cornet's companions all have quests that you can do to get a new attack for Cornet. I suggest you look at the FAQ (search *RECQ) to see where and when you can do these. Otherwise you will undoubtedly miss some of them. Also, some of these quests can only be done at certain stages in the game.

One thing I really like about this game is that you can use the stylus to do everything or you can use the buttons to do everything or you can use whichever whenever! Rhapsody will not challenge your wits - especially if you consult the beautifully designed dungeon maps in the FAQ section, but it's sooooooo cute!

User Info: threetimes

8 years ago#6
^ This was one of Psycho_Penguin's all time favourite games and he had great taste in games! (He died... recently, which is why this comment is in the past tense... )

Thanks for the comment about my maps.

User Info: Alfieri_x

8 years ago#7
I didn't know about PP, I remember using his FF mystic quest guide when I was younger. I hope he is playing his favorite games in the afterlife.
"I call upon thee in the land of the dead, to unleash thy fury of thunder.... Indignation!!!" - Genis Sage

User Info: shimmy6

8 years ago#8
Yep, Threetimes, your dungeon maps are wonderful!

Sorry to hear about your friend, though. I remember seeing his name on at least one of the boards I play, can't remember where.

User Info: threetimes

8 years ago#9
That's a lovely thought Alfieri x. And thanks to both to you. PP wrote a lot of FAQs and reviews so it's quite likely you've bumped into them somewhere.

User Info: Sn4k3Ey3S

8 years ago#10
bump.... ..
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