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User Info: KirbyHamtaro

10 years ago#191
i might be thinking that the game was imported from the playstation system to the DS system, but the playstation version didn't have the additional contents. all they added was Kururu in the party on the DS system, but i'm not 100% sure if i'm right or not. i might guess 2 reasons.

1. they rushed to release the game, but never had the time to get additional contents on the game

and 2. imported the game from the playstation system to the DS system except the Playstation-DS changes.

User Info: Bleuco

10 years ago#192
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User Info: april87sine

10 years ago#193
Although no one's arguing that the DS version was a port of the PSX one, the Japanese version of the game (which our NA release was most likely localized from) was created to contain the bonus content. Hence, it would have been fairly easy for NISA to include the bonus content in the English version, I'd think, because it'd simply be a matter of translating more Japanese text that was already there.

The DS release of Phoenix Wright: AA comes to mind. Japanese gaming companies, when releasing DS ports of games that were available previously on other systems, often include extras like bonus content in the games to encourage gamers to re-purchase the same basic game. This is why the excuse of not translating any bonus content simply doesn't float in today's gaming community--it's simply a matter of the company's desire to translate everything for other audiences. So again, I think that it's a very sad thing that the bonus content isn't there when it was in the version that our release of Rhapsody DS was translated from.

User Info: SyberiaWinx

10 years ago#194
What's worse, the people on Wikipedia are trying to shut us up. They have to trolls on there repeatedly undiong edits mentioning the glitches and the fan reaction to them. And if you are one of the people who mentions the glitches or fan reaction, you will get blocked after being accused and harassed for a couple of hours. It's been happening on a bunch of other articles-those same two users are targeting and stalking people to get blocked,-but it's sad that it's spread to the Rhapsody page. These losers don't even play the games, yet the admins there are letting them do this.
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User Info: april87sine

10 years ago#195
That's seriously lame. We're trying to help keep gaming fans informed, for god's sake. It's not as though the glitches and missing bonus content and fan reactions are something that we made up or isn't factual.

User Info: SyberiaWinx

10 years ago#196
We should create a seperate topic here about it. Someone wanna do that? They're mocking people because they claim no one is talking about these issues or noticing that these two editors are abusive. It's so bad that, if anyone edits a certain set of articles, their edits will immediately be undone, and they will be accused of being a duplicate account. It does not matter how you defend yourself or how rude the two are to you-the admins will by just as nasty, and they will ban you based on whatever. I actually heard them use a typo as an exvuse.-.-
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User Info: EvilGoddessK

10 years ago#197
I returned Rhapsody today and got my money back from GameStop. Apparently they are aware of the situation, they didn't even question my return and couldn't get the money out of the register fast enough. I had been dreading dealing with the store because it technically is not a damaged game and their return policy is to exchange the game for the same title no matter what.

I have not heard anything from NIS America about what they were going to do to make up for their mistakes. Their website still lacks any kind of statement about the situation. When I get some time, I plan to list all my NIS games on eBay. They were good while they were trying.

User Info: Crystalxstar

10 years ago#198
Lol wow.. This is one of the first games I heard where there weren't any included extra content.

But selling all your NIS games on Ebay... Isn't that going a little overboard?

The company might be lazy and sucky, but I dunno, try to enjoy the game anyways. You didn't buy the game for the extra content did you? There are plenty of games where I thought the extra content was just a waste of English.

All the same, I understand that the Wikipedia admins are mean and the game itself has some problems. But not many people trust in Wikipedia these days anywhos. As long as you know and the people on this board knows I think it's enough.
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User Info: april87sine

10 years ago#199
I agree with Crystalxstar, you shouldn't do anything too drastic...

I know the main reason I bought Rhapsody DS was that I enjoyed the PS version. And I still enjoy the DS version, maybe even more than the original.

NISA made a slip up with the whole missing content issue, and yes I'm mad at them for doing so. But the main thing we should be fighting for is to get an official statement on the site. No matter what that statement says, it needs to be up there if EVERY customer is to know what to do with their individual copies of the game, which they may be unhappy with due to false advertising or glitching.

That said, don't completely hold out on NISA. I've been thinking over the last few days how the Rhapsody DS port is similar to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney port. Both are the first games in their series, and both were ported to DS from other systems by Japan (obviously not for sales purposes I'd think). And what happened with PW? Capcom ported all of the games in the series to the DS. It's not that unusual for game companies to do this. So it's possible that NIS is porting or planning to port Rhapsody's sequels to the DS, and this would more than make up for the missing bonus content. They could also end up releasing the bonus content anyway.

I guess what I'm trying to say is wait for the official statement.

User Info: who

10 years ago#200
Selling all your NIS games because of a bad experience with one is a rather silly reason.

I'd be ecstatic if NISA was planning on bringing the rest of the series over here if this whole ordeal didn't happen. If tomorrow they made an announcement saying they were bringing Little Princess to the DS, I'd still be rather pissed off at them for Rhapsody DS and worried that they would give another poor product to us because they think we would just be happy about getting it.

For Capcom and PW, they did that well. If there were any glitches, they weren't obvious or game breaking, the translation was solid, and it was something we never got a chance to play before. A lot of us have played Rhapsody before, this translation somehow made us lose half the vocal audio we had before, and big broken glitches is turning away people who don't know what's going on. Sure, bringing all the games over would cover the missing content but it doesn't excuse the ****ing terrible and unmissable problems that we have now.
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