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User Info: bluetopurple

9 years ago#1

Who is this person? Sabrina Ladha. 94 overall and with the islanders. Really retarded

User Info: davedogg6668

9 years ago#2
Yeah, I have no idea who she is, either. In my game she plays for the Caps, and she is ridiculously good. Seems odd that I've never heard of this person, outside of this game.

User Info: JinDred

9 years ago#3

Each year they put in a kid who is either really sick or dieing or something like that into the game, Whiticker was 2007 Green McNeill was 2008, and Ladha is this year, if you get the roster updates she goes down to like 70something and isnt as good, you could have had her on your team(if in dynasty) she starts as a free agent, if you dont like her in the game, you can always put her on some sweedish team so she doesnt get taken in the nhl

User Info: OvenMan

9 years ago#4
Yeah, she's a girl from the Make a Wish foundation, to be exact. I love the sentiment, but it got annoying for awhile when there was usually only a single team that I couldn't beat thanks to her. Oddly enough, she went to the Islanders for me too.

User Info: bluetopurple

9 years ago#5

Oh I see. I just never knew a girl could play in the NHL AND be a 94 overall...

Its Kinda Weird though, since I like the Avalanche, I offered Wolski and a 3rd pick for Dipetro, and they seem like they dont even have her on their team, all I get is rejects.

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