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User Info: vivalarazaeg

9 years ago#1
i posted something similar in the NHL 10 boards but
this is alot more lively
so i was wondering what to buy?
theres about a 30-40$ gap between 09 and 10
and i was wondering is NHL 10 worth it?

My main question is which is better but also

1) are there still roster updates FOR NHL 09 that i can download or get from someone else and update them. Because on NHL 07 for psp i can download a save file of the rosters and put it on so everythings up to date.

2) In Gm Mode IN NHL 09 do they still make stupid trades based solely on overall. Example i traded Kaberle for Ovechkin in 07. I know they have this reputation thing but if i can save 30$ thats enough for me.

3) Will BAP be long and is it any better in NHL 10 than 09? I know theres a freeagent draft thing but is that all
PSN: anikp905

User Info: Error1355

9 years ago#2
Get NHL 10.
They let us play with markers...
...but I keep trying to draw infinity.
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