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User Info: ryanb562

10 years ago#1

This is a team we will use currently in NHL 09 while we build for NHL 10 so we are all learning to play together nicely.

This team is for people who want a team the day NHL 10 comes out so we can play a bunch of games and quickly get to the top of the standings. We will play seriously and stay active but we also want to have fun.

I am not going to judge anyone based on stats or skill because everyone gets a fresh new start with NHL 10.

I am hoping for at least 5 total players before the release of NHL 10.

If you want to be on the team just give me a message and your in. Join as soon as you can so we can get a month of practice on NHL 09 before NHL 10. If you have any suggestions for a name please tell me.

There are no tryouts! You are automatically on the team. Everyone is starting new with NHL 10 so I am not gonna judge anyones skill based on 09.

We are looking forward to having successful monthly seasons in NHL 10. Please just give us a try!


GM - ryanb562 We are looking for 1 more GM.

We are looking for as many members as possible. We are looking for at least 2 players with some D1 experience

User Info: Stavraitos

10 years ago#2
As you know, I sent you a message via PSN and I'm in. I play RW, as you also know.

Although I said I won't be getting NHL10 before, I WILL consider it.

User Info: finalfanasty

10 years ago#3
can i join your club if i send you a message i can play RW or LW and i can be a GM if you want me to

User Info: ryanb562

10 years ago#4
You can join. The gm spot is taken. Just send me a message so I know your PSN and I'll add you.

User Info: RangersRock30

10 years ago#5

Hey man, Ill join with my second account if you dont mind. Ive still got lundqvistseb on NYsports' team but ill be active with this one too.

User Info: DoubleDose4

10 years ago#6
I'll join I'm a defense man prefer right side but doesnt really matter

User Info: RoliOwns

10 years ago#7

Is the center position filled in? If so, I'll take a defense position. My PSN is RoliOwns

User Info: ENigma604

9 years ago#8
I don't have NHL 09 but I'm getting NHL 10.

I've been playing the NHL 10 demo non-stop since this afternoon =P

Anyways, if not having NHL 09 isn't a problem, I'd love to join.

I play center of offensive defense.

PSN = Cross878

User Info: ENigma604

9 years ago#9
that's supposed to say center OR offensive D

sorry for double post.

User Info: EAgames4ME

9 years ago#10
i play 09 on xbox but i had ring of death so i cant play on live. but i got a ps3 back in april and i am going to get it the day it comes out.(sept. 15) next tues. i live near dallas and i am a huge hockey fan.if you need a defensive d man, or offensive d man then i can play.however i am still adjusting to the whole board play feature.but i try to play smart, to look for the best pass,in offensive zone rather than making a 20 yard shot thats not likely to go in lol.i have been asking people on psn if they are going to get nhl 10 but nobody i came across is thinking about getting it.i just want to play with people i know so i can have the most fun.
but anyways if you want to play then my id is MR_MAGIC-2010
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