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User Info: Azure_Flame

10 years ago#1
After playing this game and getting used to the characters, I noticed that many of the characters' Hyper Strikes tended to do very little damage, not carry through, and often just plain not activate at all. Puzzled, I tried basically everything, and I eventually discovered the trick to successfully performing Hyper Strikes: fill up the Hyper Strike gauge, get the opponent's guard bar (goldish-colored bar below HP) down, and perform an attack to empty the guard bar. Basically, many HSs only work if the opponent is in Guard Break.

Here's the thing, though: if the final attack on the opponent's guard has too much cooldown time, they'll recover their guard before you can pull off the HS. In other words, you should make sure that this final strike is the character's weakest and fastest attack. The quicker your character can recover, the more likely it is that the HS will work.

Of course, for some HSs, it doesn't matter whether the opponent is guarding or not. Tsuna's Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough and TYL Mukuro's HS are the only ones that come to mind that fit into this category.

Other HSs do very little damage if the opponent's guard is up. These, I believe, are Tsuna's X-Burner, Gokudera's Flame Arrow, Yamamoto's Scontro di Rondine, both regular and TYL Hibari's HSs, XANXUS' Colpo d'Addio, Ryohei's Maximum Cannon, and Chrome's flame pillars. Tsuna's X-Burner, however, is perhaps the most damaging HS in the game if it hits when the opponent's guard is down. I don't remember the conditions of regular Mukuro's HS, as I don't use him much.

Two special cases are Ryohei's Maximum Cannon and Lal Mirch's Drain Shot (I think that's the name). With Ryohei, finishing the opponent's guard with a near-zero-recoil attack is ABSOLUTELY imperative, as Maximum Cannon WILL NOT WORK unless it hits AS SOON AS THE OPPONENT'S GUARD IS BROKEN. In addition, Lal Mirch's HS is unique in the sense that it isn't any harder to pull off than the majority of the other HSs, but it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if it is performed incorrectly. If HP was a numerical value in this game, it MIGHT do 1 damage.
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User Info: dbzdagan

10 years ago#2
You have missed a vital tactic that I use in multiplayer all the time: Counters. Most(I know the Flame Arrow doesn't work) will counter very well against normal moves. Wait for them to attack you and before you get hit unleash the special.
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