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  2. Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena
  3. so how is the game? is it good?

User Info: SwordofContempt

11 years ago#1
topic. thanx in advance
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User Info: kylemcauliffe15

11 years ago#2
It is quite a fun game. It is worth the money in my opinion, but there aren't that many unlockables.
If you can get past that, go on and get it! :)
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User Info: filipinodad

11 years ago#3
honestly this game is only good for the anime fans like me bcoz u can understand the story properly and their special moves which are awesome. but as a game by itself it really good. good graphics easy fighting control and awesome character custom attires. the con about this game is the lang is in japanese so hard to understand especially when playing stroyline. and only 12 characters which is ok for a first game but maybe more charcters are neede for the next one. overall its worth buying it if your really in to japanese games and really in to this anime

User Info: DemiKazuo

11 years ago#4
Like filipinodad has said, this game is, at best, only enjoyable by fans of the anime. Personally I think they might've rushed the game. Heck, they could've made it almost as good as Bleach Heat the Soul series. The fighting style is almost like Tekken which I have no problem with. Some of the characters look nicely done, while others look a bit sloppy. (ex. Lal Mirch's "twitching hand") Though short, the story is okay and enjoyable. Overall if you've just picked up the game because it looked cool, you'd probably let it gather dust or sell it. But if you're a fan of the series, I recommend you get it.

User Info: Pislnun

11 years ago#5
If you liked Street Fighter's way of 2d Linear Fighting, this is a game to get for the PSP.

Far too many 3D fighters on the PSP now, this game, is a really awesome 2D Fighter.

But yeah, as the rest has said, a game for the fans, due to the lack of a huge character roster, to the fact that the specials and everything will only be appreciated by fans.

User Info: re_up

11 years ago#6
this game has rediculous unused potential, theres way too little content in it

User Info: vegeta1

11 years ago#7
I picked this game up to fill my fighting game fix. I have never heard of or read the manga and thoroughly enjoyed the game. So much so that I decided to pick up the manga and learn about the colorful cast. If you enjoy fighters period this is a solid game.

Too many anime/manga fans have a tendency to want ridiculous amounts of content in their games. This game is enjoyable.

User Info: l4mbo

11 years ago#8
The game isn't bad. As far as I'm concerned, it didn't need any extras. My only beef with the game is there was a lack of moves for each character except for Kyouya 10 yrs later. But that's it. Overall, the next game will prove to be a much better improvement than this.

User Info: dalian

11 years ago#9
I disagree with those who said the game is only for the fans, i played the demo and thats what MADE me a fan
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  3. so how is the game? is it good?
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