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User Info: Takusho

11 years ago#1
I know how to do to down down square/circle special, but how do you do the other two? Responses appreciated! :]
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User Info: DN69

11 years ago#2
Down back, Square/ Triangle, Circle
Down, Down, Square/ Triangle, Circle
Down, Forward, Square/ Triangle, Circle
R-- Ultimate Atk
Forward + R- Another Ultimate ATK

I don't know about Chrome, but Tsuna's ultimate atk are
R--Zero chiten toppa 1st edition
Forward +R-- X-Burner
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11 years ago#3
R for Tsuna Zero Point Break Through Custom Edition
For Tsuna R-> X-BURNER
R for Chrome Flame Pillars (i dont know the Real name Cause My Japanese Sucks)
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