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User Info: pakispride

11 years ago#1

Official website updated with new confirmed characters. Here's the complete list so far:

Hyper Dying Will Tsuna
Yamamoto *new*
Ryouhei *new*

There is also a new video on the same website, showing some gameplay of Chrome, Makuro, Yamamoto, and Ryouhei. With that we just need Lambo and we got the Seven Ring Gaurdians. And when the full roster of heroes are in a game, it is almost assured that many of the villains are going to be in it as well. I hope the character list is like the newer KHR DS game, starting from the Kokuyo to Future ark, all villains included. Enjoy and discuss.

User Info: thelonerer

11 years ago#2
well lets hope that the similarities with the ds version end there. Anyways thanks for the heads up,the style seems perfect for a hitman reborn game

User Info: pakispride

11 years ago#3
Also, from viewing a screenshot with a character select screen, Teenage Lambo has been confirmed. Now for the villains to make an appearance.

User Info: ForteGSXX

11 years ago#4
wow, is it just me or are those character sprites really cruddy looking..? I hope they get a good polishing before the game is released.... cuz right now, it looks like they could direct port it to the ds and rival the naruto ds fighting game.

User Info: kylemcauliffe15

11 years ago#5
Are you serious?!
This game is in 3D.
It also looks spectacular so far.
I honestly do not know where you are coming up with this. -___-
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User Info: pakispride

11 years ago#6
I think he's referring to the 3D Naruto fighting game on DS, where the characters were pretty damn crappy. And I think this game will come out much better then most PSP fighting games, it looks more fast paced and more fun then the Bleach series and the characters are better than the Naruto series. Generally speaking, I'm sure this game will live up to PSP expectations (which aren't that high).

User Info: ForteGSXX

11 years ago#7
wow, sorry guess i'm too used to crisis core graphics or the seeing the new shots for the final fantasy fighting game,lol...
Honestly I really hope this game will have something goin for it, I really don't wanna see another Reborn game flop, it's a very good title and really deserves the best. So far, all I've seen marvelous do in terms of fighting games is KOF Neo Blood on GBA which got 6.3 on gamer score here and the Ikki Tousen fighting game on ps2.
I sincerely hope that Marvelous will make the best fighting game they ever made, and give the series the attention it deserves/needs.


User Info: duckdude64

11 years ago#8

cant wait to see lambo but i keep think there not going to put baby lambo in it and only 15 year old lambo but what ever

hmmmmmmm i think i know you

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