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User Info: rjay63

11 years ago#1
There are 2 linked DLX machines on the top floor. The play price is advertised as £2 per play but the machines are actually set to £1 per play...for now anyway. Here's a brief rundown of the game

Wheel, Pedals, Gear Shifter, Handbrake


Championship (single player) - Race across 3 courses (Tropical, Canyon and Alpine). If you win the Championship, you get to race on the special Lakeside course.

Quick Race (2+ players). A lap race on either Tropical, Canyon or Alpine

Classic Race (2+ players). A lap race on a replica of Desert '95 track from Sega Rally 1. You can only choose the two original cars from Sega Rally 1.

Citroen C4 WRC, Ford Focus, Subaru Impreza WRC, Suzuki SX4, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Peugeot 207 Super 2000 (I think).

Toyota Celica GT4 & Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

I'm tired so I'll write some more tomorrow.

User Info: rjay63

11 years ago#2
Gameplay impressions:

**Please note, I've never played Sega Rally Revo so I can't give a comparison**

The goods new is that Sega Rally 3 DLX is a lot of fun It looks great, plays fast and the moving seat adds to the experience. I haven't played enough to go into detail about the physics or track deformation, but the cars are easy to drive and you can slide around most corners just by steering hard. I'm sure Revo experts (ie, VR) will know faster techniques and some corners do require some brake/handbrake. This will be the challenge for those who want to play competitively.

As VR mentioned, Tropical on Sega Rally 3 is a cut down version of Tropical 2 from Revo. It's fairly easy to get around and most players should complete it easily. Canyon is more tougher with some sharp turns and requires a little more technique. Alpine has some hairpin turns and this finished me off in Championship mode (then again, my start time was low as I only just scraped thorough Canyon). Therefore, I never saw the Lakeside course. You can continue on Championship mode if you don't make it and you'll replay the same course again (with more time).

Quick Race is self-explanatory and is a good choice if you want to improve your techniques. Classic Race is basically Quick Race on Desert '95 with the cars from Sega Rally 1. I'm a little disappointed that all the tracks from Sega Rally weren't included; it would have been nicer to have a 'Classic Championship'.

The only obvious fault is the lack of Internet Ranking or Time Attack mode. I can only assume they are aiming the game at the casual player and didn't think it necessary to include them. It'll be interesting to see if Sega Japan fix this for the Far East where players expect these things as standard. If they do and the game is a success, maybe some UK operators will import that version instead for the HK/Chinese players!

Overall I would recommend giving Sega Rally 3 a try if you're near Funland. Due to the high price of the DLX model, it may be a while before local arcades bring the game in.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

11 years ago#3

Cheers for that. Sounds much like we have at home, just 60fps makes me think sweet. No time attack??
Any arcade total time score table?

As you say, a real shame not all the Sega Rally tracks were done.

One sad thing tho is that this is one game that wont be coming home, as in those extra tracks the arcade has. :(
Plus, lock down of the 2 classic sega rally cars would of been awesome on the home version. :-/

I look forward to playing it. Lets hope Sega Park does, let me know if you hear of it closer to home.
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User Info: rjay63

11 years ago#4

Yes, there are at least Best Time scoreboards. They are seperated into Best Championship Time, Best Quick Race Time & Best Classic Race Time.

No Time Attack mode, unless it's hidden!

Here's a video of my friend having a casual play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olLCKc_U4F4

User Info: rjay63

11 years ago#5
No sign of the game in either Bournemouth or Portsmouth although that's not unexpected.

Apparently Sega Rally 3 is on test at Funland (the arcade haven't bought the game). From reports, It's seems the play price has been 'fixed' back to £2 as well! >_<

User Info: VirtuaRacing

11 years ago#6
I've had the pleasure of playing Sega Rally 3 aswell at Funland. ;-)

My other half started to video me playing it, but was told by one of the guys to stop recording and only pictures could be taken. :-/
I have 2 laps of Tropical, (no sound - bumper view) which I'll try to upload later with any luck. Very annoying because I wanted to do every stage!! :-P

I was surprised that borrowed bits from Sega Rally (REVO) were also used on Canyon and Alpine. Large chunks, parts and ideas of Canyon 2 and Alpine 1 (Revo) are found in Sega Rally 3.
The hair-pin turns on Alpine are really the only technical side to the main game!! Its that easy. As these hair-pins are in Sega Rally (Revo) there was'nt much that was going to stop me reaching Lake Side, (after acouple of goes to learn the tracks and the odd AI car in my way haha!).

Lake Side was the only original course of a stage I had not seen before. I left Canyon in 6th place which allowed me to grab 1st place on Alpine to reach Lake Side... As for Lake Side its a 9 O'clock summers evening golden brown colour stage. Nothing that speical to look at, but some good technical stuff such as s-bends, 90 degree turns, hair-pins ect... Lake Side is in my view the only track worthy of your money if I'm honest!

Sega Rally (Revo) vs Sega Rally 3 game play.
Not much between the two games in terms of handling, just Sega Rally 3 is too easy, tracks are too wide making it easy... and only with Lake Side will you find some sort of a challenge. Desert 95 is nothing speical either. Sega Rally2 home version of Desert 95 is better.
I could not tell the difference between the frame rate running @ 60fps arcade to the home version which is 30fps!! High-rez graphics are telling your eyes a very different story to what the frame rate is doing. As long as you can focus on every pixel, or rather what your ment to be looking at - plus the graphic update is sliky smooth as rally is then there is no argument that can be had here!! Maybe if the two were sat side by side, but from the miles I've done on the home version to the arcade I never noticed anything or was blown away by something I should be looking at... I'm running Revo in 720p here at home btw.

To end. Sega Rally 3 is one for Mr Average who will pop coins in for a quick blast. Its not hard-core enough to classed as a real Sega Rally game that Sega Japan have done before, other than Lake Side maybe... But still, your money is better spent on another go on OutRun2SP SDX! :-P
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User Info: model3

11 years ago#7
XboxLiveGamerTag and PlaystationNetwork: AM2Model3

User Info: rjay63

11 years ago#8
It's up!


Well done VR ,great driving. I saw the video before I came to this board so ignore my comment on YT. Can I ask was it still £1 or has it been 'fixed' back to £2?

It seems Sega Amusements Europe have put up their own trailer of the game too.


I also agree that Sega Rally 3 was a missed opportunity. Hopefully SOJ will overhaul the game for a Far East release.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

11 years ago#9

Yeah sorry I should of said. Sega Rally 3 @ Funland was £2 per play yesterday!!

I have the 1st couple of corners for Canyon but it was here when recording had to be stopped. Not really worth uploading. :-/

Sega Amusements Europe SR3 trailer.
If you look at the 50 seconds mark, thats Lake Side. All of 2 seconds of footage that is...

Not sure if you saw this but I wanted to return the priceless picture. :)
XBL Gamertag's: RED SCOPRION / F40

User Info: rjay63

11 years ago#10
Great picture VR ;)

BTW here is Sega Amusements FTP for this game....screenshots, logos, brochures and videos! Apparently you can do a 6 player link up....cheap at £96,000! Re-mortgage anyone?


VR, the big video file is the same as the one on Youtube. I haven't seen the 6 player promo yet.
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