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User Info: YugoKing7140

11 years ago#1
Welcome to Yugo Land.
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User Info: SourDieseI

11 years ago#2
This board will fall. When you click 'create topic' it should say:
To create a new topic, enter a title for the topic below and create the first message.

If it says this:

PLEASE REMEMBER: This game board is exclusively for the discussion of this particular game. Topics that do not directly address how to play the game or its storyline will be deleted as a TOS violation.

As always, please don't forget to mark SPOILERS (major plot events in a game) so you don't ruin the surprise for people who haven't played the game yet.

Reminder: Discussions of current news stories, social topics, and random posts do NOT belong on gaming boards.

You will be moderated for off-topic posting, and could result in Karma Loss.

Commodore C64 is basically all dead boards you can use. I don't mark messages for moderation on dead boards, but you should close these topics cause you can get in trouble like I have. It's stupid.
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User Info: money_polo12321

11 years ago#3
You can get in trouble for having a secret board if it's for a certain console? That's ******ed.
Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.
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