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User Info: Mindwipe77

9 years ago#21
what exactly can bayonetta do is this game that a man cant? (aside from acting like a sleaze)?
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User Info: Words_of_Ivory

9 years ago#22
"I think its kind dumb when minority groups and such have to comment on stuff."

Since when were women a "minority" group?

"Just wait until theres and openly gay video game character."

There have been homosexual characters (and I don't mean tacky representations, but characters that actually *are* gay) in video games since as far back as 1992, and probably even further.

There is a lesbian couple in "Laura Bow In the Dagger of Amon Ra" by Sierra, living in the 1920s and having to hide their affair for fear of prejudice.

In Earthbound, it is generally accepted that Tony is gay, fact which the creator has backed up.

In Phantasmagoria 2, one of the main supporting characters is openly homosexual, and even has a crush on the main character that you play as. They even attempt to share a kiss at one point in the game.

The Longest Journey, one of the best adventure games of all time, has *three* homosexual characters, all of whom are perfectly well adjusted people.

Vamp from Metal Gear Solid is openly bisexual.

One of the supporting characters in Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy), Tommy, is gay. He openly discusses his current relationship status and homphobia in the workplace to one of the main characters while he is sitting at home with her, doing a tarot card reading of her future for fun.

If you want to discuss more recent games, BioWare is quite famous for this. Juhani in Knights of the Old Republic is a lesbian, you could have relationships with the same gender in Jade Empire on both sides of the field, Liara was asexual, and even more recently, Zevren in Dragon Age: Origins was an openly homosexual male, as well as Leliana being bisexual.

This is not exactly uncharted territory for video games, and Fox News opinion is about as relevant to the world at large and has about as much impact on this issue as a paper bag in the wind has to a brick wall. None.
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User Info: PenguinGod19

9 years ago#23

Zevran was Bi too, he took whatever he could get.

User Info: MrMikeMa

9 years ago#24
It looks like they missed out on the Final Fantasy X-2 party...haha.
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User Info: foodeater4

9 years ago#25
Eh your mostly picking old PC games most people never had heard off. Im talking about when a game that has a gay char with some gay secks, and gets noticed by the mainstream media. It hasnt happened yet.

User Info: Lykos13th

9 years ago#26
It's a freaking video game character. I find it a bit pathetic if you feel empowered by a character created by a development team as opposed to reality. <_<

At any rate, feminists annoy me.
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User Info: solo_blade

9 years ago#27
I find it pathetic that you find it pathetic. You annoy me.
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User Info: FoxyAreku

9 years ago#28
....are people really this sexist?

The only thing women can't do that men can is....well, the anatomical stuff I guess you could say.
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User Info: FoxyAreku

9 years ago#29
what exactly can bayonetta do is this game that a man cant?

When was the last time you summoned demons with your hair?
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User Info: crimsonsloth

9 years ago#30
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