TYL Gokudera/Varia + Support Questions

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User Info: pikangie

9 years ago#1
Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to unlock TYL Gokudera. I tried the code for him, and it said success, but I can't find him in any modes...

And are all of the Varia characters obtainable only through Gacha? So far I have Xanxus, Belphegor, and Levi.

Also, does anyone know what Haru, Kyouko, Shouichi, etc. do? I know they support you somehow, but I'm not sure if it's by healing, stat up, etc...

Btw, I love how Byakuran takes out a bag of marshmallows and eats them after he wins.

User Info: alvin159951

9 years ago#2
1 To go to 10Goku go over the normal gokudera and press select
2 All of the Varias are gotten through gacha
3 Those supports heal you
Cows go moo
JUS FC:1547-7003-8777

User Info: pikangie

9 years ago#3
I see, thanks!

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