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User Info: worldkey

9 years ago#1
Please post how u got some characters
why is my username worldkey because it's from the book im writing

User Info: ridley723

9 years ago#2
A lot of the characters you'll get while playing through everyone's story mode. However, you're gonna have to play some arcade modes and try out the gatchapon (the slot machine thing). I guess I'll tell you how I got some off the top of my head though.

10Hibari: Beat 10Hibari and Hibari's story mode.
10Yamamoto: Beat his story mode.
10Gokudera and Tri Ni Sette Reborn: Look in the Gamefaqs cheat section for the password.
Xanxus: Beat his story mode.
Lussuria: Beat Ryohei's story mode
Levi: Beat Lussuria's arcade mode
Bel: Beat Levi's story mode
Squalo: Beat Bel's story mode.
Didi and Zizi: Gatchapon
Mukuro: Beat the Chrome/Mukuro story mode.
Byakuran: Beat his story mode.

That's all I remember for now. I don't even have them all. Good luck.

User Info: SeibuWG

9 years ago#3
i got tri-ne-zette Reborn by beating tri-ne-zette reborn's story mode lol.
[officially] wants the Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena. I wonder what the next Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! DS game would be?????? ^ ^ better be good lol

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