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User Info: DeathGodX

12 years ago#1
Use the mic on the Ds. ^-^
YOU fail.

User Info: androidtype7

11 years ago#2
do you realize how under-quality that mic is?
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User Info: Swedishnerd

11 years ago#3

androidtype7 (#002)
do you realize how under-quality that mic is?

Do you realize "Daigasso! Band Brothers DX" already does this, and it works just fine?

User Info: CrashingBike

11 years ago#4
Drums could work too!
just use the touch screen and have like 3 drums.
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User Info: Tripes

11 years ago#5
Guitar Hero for ps2 does work!
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User Info: ZacUAX

11 years ago#6
I can just see Activision selling 2 tiny little styluses shaped like drumsticks.
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User Info: kayn02

11 years ago#7
ummm.... no.... just get two regular styluses

User Info: Kurisu_bm

11 years ago#8
Have you ever heard about Taiko no Tatsujin DS? Game about playing taiko drums, two styluses shaped like drumsticks included.
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