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User Info: nintendoboy2994

12 years ago#1
if this is real the controls are gonna be very strange
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User Info: NichoPruett

12 years ago#2
Have you played GH: On Tour? My guess is it will be the same controls....

User Info: SkynyrdRocker

12 years ago#3
And yes, control on the DS Guitar Heros is very bad, the strumming thing is totally broken. I can play real guitar (well, very little) and when I strum once on a real guitar, I hear one strum. So obviously I CAN use a pick. But every single time I've played this game it registers every strum as a double strum for some reason. I ended up stabbing the screen instead of strumming because it actually worked better. SO GLAD my friend was the one to waste $50 on GH:OT, because I hate that game and I'm sure I'll hate all future DS Guitar Heros.
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User Info: androidtype7

12 years ago#4
my thoughts exactly( the topic). and while I think the strum idea sort of realistic(a little feedback would increase the effect) It could be better. the guy who was comlaining about the double strum thing, would it help if the strings were spaced apart a little more, or if the guitar screen was zoomed in?(giving it the same effect)
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