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User Info: SlyFoxxonius

9 years ago#1
I found this topic on the PS3 boards posted by TJCco2005... let's hope we have all these perks for the Wii version.


- Juggernaut (Confirmed by Treyarch in interview)
- Sleight of Hand
- Extreme Conditioning
- Martyrdom (Confirmed by Treyarch in interview)
- Steady Aim
- Bandoleer
- Iron Lungs
- Stopping Power (August issue of Xbox Magazine)
- Deep Impact (August issue of Xbox Magazine)
- Sonic Boom [adds the ability to spread a deadlier & vaster sea of fire]
- Last Stand
- Monkey [Climbing trees]
- Frogman [Faster Swimming]
- Play Dead [Ability to fake death, thanks GirlsHateMe]
- Crouch Sprinter [Allows you to sprint while being in crouch position/cover, thanks GirlsHateMe]
- Banzai [Allows you to draw, charge & use your melee weapons alot faster (even when sprinting), providing more damage to the enemy]

borrowed this from another topic. climbing trees, swimming, playing dead, it's already shaping up to be different from cod4"

There ya go, hope we have all these! I want to try out the frogman and pop out of the water and dominate. Banzai sounds sweet too.

User Info: hXc_Chris

9 years ago#2
Monkey pwned

User Info: fortunzfavor

9 years ago#3
I blogged this and gave you via credit sly. It's since been picked up at other places like news for gamers and other forums and outlets. Good eye.

User Info: SlyFoxxonius

9 years ago#4
nice to see that you blogged about it, and that it's being picked up other places. Thanks for the reference, and you have a cool site btw.

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