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User Info: superbroadswd

13 years ago#21





dabura is right, keitaro is wrong


User Info: Kololo

13 years ago#22
I'm sorry but I have to know, superbroadswd, why do you insist on writing in Japanese on an English-language website? I've seen you do this on another game's message board as well. Yeah that board was a Japanese version game as well, so I'm sure enough people understood, but really... why bother?
Gamertag: Kololo

User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#23

arigatou! reigi warui yutoriha majide sinubeki dato omoun dayonewwwwwww

kouryakusure mitan dakedo, ore no setumeiha wakariyasukatta?


maybe he's posting here even if he doesn't understand much english for the same reason you play Japanese pirated games even though you don't understand Japanese?

just a thought...

User Info: Kololo

13 years ago#24
I apologize if that sounded rude. I wasn't trying to be. It's just that it seems like he/she wants to have conversations, which makes sense, but frankly I wouldn't go 2ch or something and refuse to use Japanese. His/her above post made it clear he/she can at least read English and write basic sentences... *shrug* I was only curious.

Also I don't pirate the games, I live in Kinki. Though I fail to see how that was relevant in the first place.
Gamertag: Kololo

User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#25
sorry to sound accusing... it's just that a large amount of the people here download games, and are always talking about patches and bug fixes and emulator updates and SD cards and stuff on the Japanese game boards for DS especially...

I dunno why he'd post only Japanese, but he posted english on my walkthrough thread?

maybe he wasn't equipped well enough to explain the situation in english and figured keitaro would understand him in Japanese?

I dunno... but either way it's his decision...
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