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User Info: blasster

13 years ago#1
What's the title of it?
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User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#2
Beat the game with all best endings and go through the last thing to see the ending credits and you will find out...

Or I can just tell you...

"Crystal Rain" by LOVEFIXER

The Single for it comes out August 27th.

And they're not too famous, so good luck trying to find it online yet.

User Info: keitaro_u

13 years ago#3
How many ending are there? Just curious.

User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#4
The way the game works is that it's separated into Rumors and you have to solve those rumors (urban legends)

If you receive a NORMAL END or BEST END, you will be able to play the next rumor (BAD END will not allow you to continue to the next rumor)

The number of endings for each rumor are as follows

Intro: 1 (only one possible ending)

First: 8
Second: 6
Third: 16
Fourth: 5
Fifth: 7

Final: 1 (only one possible ending)

Then, if you get BEST END on all five rumors, the final rumor becomes available, which only has one ending as well.

As far as collectibles.

There are 15 pictures and 15 sound recordings of ghosts that you can get throughout the game. These are taken by the first and second options on the Phone... the first option is a picture and the second is recording sound. If there was no ghost in the pic or sound on the recording, on the "will you save?" thing it will automatically select "no" and the person will say "there's nothing on here I'll delete it" but if they choose the first one and save it, that means you got one of the 15 pictures/sound recordings.

(some of them are required to continue the game, some are automatically taken during the 5 rumors)

Hope that helped.

User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#5
holy crap...

I just realized that there are a total of 44 endings...

the number 4 in Japanese is a symbol of death and misfortune and is the equivalent of 13 in Western culture, but worse...

twice... lol



User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#6
Oh, I forgot to add...

You can view what you have collected with the 3rd option on the starting screen.

(vvvvvTITLE MENUvvvvvvv)
[Choose scenario]

Choose View

[Sound Recordings]

Pictures and Sound Recordings you can actually look at them and listen to them...

but the endings are just a list for your reference, they don't take you back to the ending to watch it again or something.

That should pretty much cover it, if you have any more questions
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