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  2. Twilight Syndrome: Kinjirareta Toshi Densetsu
  3. Is this game suppose to be taken from some film/drama?

User Info: blasster

13 years ago#1
Since all the characters figures are taken from real life person (the actors/actress)...
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User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#2
Other way around.

It was a series of old games on PS

Then they decided to make two movies and a DS game.

The casts for the 3 are completely different with different actresses and stories...

so it's not like they just used pictures from the movies... they hired those girls specifically for this game to have the pictures in the game because that's the games style.

User Info: keitaro_u

13 years ago#3
I hope, they remake it on stateside.

User Info: HopesPeak

13 years ago#4
Yup, the TS games normally use real actresses.
The two new TS movies that are coming out in Sep. are actually not the first in the series of TS movies.

Twilight Syndrome were relatively famous in Japan.
Back in the day, Suda 51 was more known for his work on the TS games.
(I'd personally prefer that Suda were more known for his TS style games rather than his over the top NMH ish.)
He co designed/wrote two of them, & produced Moonlight Syndrome.
Suda 51 polarized the TS fanbase when he killed off the entire main cast during Moonlight Syndrome.
So much so that MS is now considered an alternate reality, or just a dream of Ryo Kazan in official TS canon.
Most Twilight Syndrome games including the DS game act as if Moonlight Syndrome never happened.
(Yukari, Mika, & co. all graduated. in official TS canon.)

To add insult to injury the remaining the two survivors from Moonlight Syndrome were killed off by one of the main characters in Suda's Silver Case.
There's only one (human) character from Moonlight Syndrome who's still alive.
She changed her surname & goes by Yayoi Hanayama in Suda's Flower Sun & Rain.
MS was different in its approach to horror anyway. It was more psycho horror influenced like Suda's SIlver Case games.
In fact the Moonlight Syndrome game is used as part of the background lore for Silver Case, Flower Sun & Rain, & even Killer 7.
(Mithra the contract god from Moonlight Syndrome appears during Killer 7 as the "two silver haired twins" in Alter ego. Mithra was the silver haired kid from Moonlight Syndrome)

I see the syndrome games like this,
Twilight: The original series. The DS game is a re birth/or continuation of the original timeline.
They are the series of games that you play for the branching plots, multiple endings & larger game world to explore. The Twilight games have much better play mechanics.

Moonlight: Suda 51's alternate Twilight timeline.
This is the timeline where nearly the entire cast of Twilight are killed off by Mithra who himself was manipulated by Yayoi.
The school kids from TS get replaced with the police force/assassins/politicians of the SIlver Case games.
They are the series of games that you play for the bizarre macabre story.
They tend to revolve around ancient ainu spirituality & what not.
Suda 51's Moonlight Syndrome, Silver Case, Silver Case 25 Ward, & "Flower Sun & Rain" all take place in the same continuity as Moonlight Syndrome.
(Killer 7 is semi connected to the Moonlight syndrome continuity.)
One of the detectives from Silver Case has been investigating the "Moon" case since 1997.
(Which is around the same year the Yukari, Mika TS games began.)

Here's some threads from my site for reference.
A moonlight syndrome fan site that I was working on.

It's incomplete, because I haven't beaten TS Search & Investigation yet.

User Info: blasster

13 years ago#5
Um..., I must say, your wall of text doesn't make sense to me since I don't even know what's the deal with all those games you spoke of (you don't even bother to tell the story, but spoiling everything here and there), much less this guy called "suda51".
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User Info: aya valentine

aya valentine
13 years ago#6

Yeah. So anyway, if you wind up making an actual FAQ for this game, maybe you should consider ading info like this, and stuff about the legends themselves perhaps. For those who don't get it.

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  2. Twilight Syndrome: Kinjirareta Toshi Densetsu
  3. Is this game suppose to be taken from some film/drama?
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