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User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#1
I saw raven's locked post.

Just FYI, this Japanese game will run on American/european DSes...

Also, I picked it up yesterday... it's alright...

User Info: keitaro_u

13 years ago#2
This Japanese game is region free. Any DS from US, Europe or Japan will work. So please, stop SPAM question.

User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#3
did you even read the topic name?

there was no question mark. it was a statement.

in my post I didn't ask anything.

I was stating it for the person who posted in the locked post.

Learn to read.

User Info: keitaro_u

13 years ago#4
Yeah, whatever.

User Info: dabura667

13 years ago#5
How is my post a "SPAM question" when I didn't even ask a question.

I have the game and know it works on the American DS, my post says "You do not need a Japanese DS." it DOES NOT say "Do you need a Japanese DS?"

my post is in reference to http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=945997&topic=44069455

where ravenhood27 said:

"This had better come to North America!! If not... I'm getting a Japanese Wii! Or stealing my friends'... =P"

Then corrected himself by saying DS.

I was worried he might still think he needed a Japanese system even for the DS, so I made this topic to tell him in case he didn't know.

You then accused me of a SPAM question saying "So please, stop SPAM question."

I have not asked a single question in my post.

When I said learn to read, what I meant was that if you're going to grow up to be useful in society (I assume from your "yeah whatever" comeback that you're 14 or younger) you need to learn to read things before you make comments on them...

If you were given a report at work and without reading it said "I think that it's horrible, we shouldn't cut our workforce" only to have someone say "The report was about revenue, there was nothing about work cutbacks"...

You can't make a review of a movie without seeing it.
You can't review a book without reading it.

So don't comment on a post without reading it.

User Info: keitaro_u

13 years ago#6
admin please closed this. Fighting going nowhere.
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