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User Info: Roxas_27

12 years ago#1
What exactly is the strategy to killing Rafnir the dragon?

I tried destroying his "nest" before, and all that did was cause him to wipe out all of my heroes. I have it running right now, and I have about 40-50 heroes, many of them between the levels of 15 and 19. 12 of them are clerics. Any suggestions? Does he have any exploitable weaknesses?
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User Info: sumaznguy129

12 years ago#2
I just beat this mission. I got destroyed the first time. So the second time, I focused on building a solid economy. I cleared all the lairs, placed a tower around each trading post. Built one of every guild and hired all heroes and did all the research. for guilds and markets. Soon I was swimming in money. But the dragon was still the same strength after killing ghosts (AFAIK). My original plan was mass towers, then I realized I could use the lighting from wizards guild to attack the dragon directly. I paused the game and used the lightning (my game was laggy so I figured I would try killing it while paused). Ran out of money, it was still alive, but my heroes finished him off. Since destroying his nest seems to be always too soon (maybe they forgot to weaken the dragon or add in another quest or something). And he always retreats when dipping below 20-23k hp it seems. So the lightning seems like the only option.

So basically, build a strong economy and save up tons of gold and zap away.

User Info: pasterka

12 years ago#3
I've just finished the quest: cleared all the lairs (which took a while), levelled heroes, done research, destroyed his lair and kill him afterwards, but the Advisor said that I should have left his home alone. I wonder whether the missing quest is about the legendary artifact that is mentioned during the introduction to the mission.

User Info: sumaznguy129

12 years ago#4
well the artifact you get after destroying the dragon.

User Info: pasterka

12 years ago#5
True, but maybe the initial idea was to get it sooner to help with the dragon, like in the "Slay the Mighty Dragon" quest in M1.

User Info: sirjasperius

12 years ago#6
your best bet here is ti build your main buildings south of your castle so that your heroes dont get eaten constantly. build a few towers near your castle to kill rats. build your heroes and start lvling, no matter what you do hes going to destroy a lot so rebuild and revive. Eventually you should be strong enough to overpower him physically. Personally i built 2 cleric guilds and priestesses to ensure survival.

User Info: Cody900

12 years ago#7
Keep towers up along the front, they should distract him 95% of the time so he doesn't go for your buildings. Rush to the north-west for the quests, and when you complete them, it removes a shield he has, pretty much required for killing him imo.

When his shield is gone, destroy his lair asap so he can't regen, but in doing so he'll constantly attack your base, so do it whenever you've got enough heroes to kill him.

User Info: AIucard

12 years ago#8
This mission is kinda cheesy in that after you've cleared everything, with enough clerics, you can get infinite exp by putting a huge bounty on the dragon. Since he won't deal enough damage to kill your heroes before his script tells him to return home, you can farm him for exp.

Anyways, at the beginning, if you mouse over the dragon you will see his defenses are green indicating that he is buffed. After you do the quest for the witch then kill the ghosts, he will lose his defense buff and you can now kill his lair so he doesn't regen then just let your heroes fight him (they should be 20+). The fight is hilarious because he has the knockback which sends heroes flying all over the place.

User Info: kylehow

12 years ago#9
Every time I try thiis mission, a while into it my base gets swarmed with a roip of about 50 undead and theyn destro everything.

User Info: sumaznguy129

12 years ago#10
Every time I try thiis mission, a while into it my base gets swarmed with a roip of about 50 undead and theyn destro everything.

I found to be a problem. So my solution was to hire as many heroes as possible. That way, you get like a swarm of heroes to defeat the swarm of enemies. Once you clear out the lairs, there aren't that many enemies. Except swarms of rats. But a few towers should take care of those.
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