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User Info: Antagonisticism

10 years ago#31
Apollo is said to be the god of many things: truth, light and the sun, music, archery...
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User Info: Light_being

10 years ago#32
Mind you, Apollo is only the English name for the character.

It would make you think WHO made the English name for Apollo...
It does not help that AJ only references directly 1-5 from past games (with faint references for the others).
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User Info: izzy_pr

10 years ago#33
OMG if this ever becomes cannon, Apollo's story just went to a whole new level.

*stares a GS5......
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User Info: Battousai X

Battousai X
10 years ago#34
That was an interesting read. While I won't consider it the truth right out, it leaves a room in me for consideration. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this theory.
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User Info: Tinyosi

10 years ago#35
The only thing that sucks about this theory is that if it is true,it probably won't be officially confirmed for another 4-6 years.(Unless they decide to put it in the next game, but I figured it would wait until the last.
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User Info: QuantumWolf

10 years ago#36
If this will become canon, Apollo would become the official coolest character. Wright would be like second bananas compared to this.

Only downside is its story of teenage pregnancy may become a little too risque for AA. But if it won't become that too much of a major issue and is more like a personal b-plot in GS5, then I'm all for making this fun theory canon.
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User Info: Vandal26

10 years ago#37
I have to say that was an interesting read and it's certainly a possibility. Hopefully if it does turn out to be true by the time it's revealed I'll have forgotten about this theory so that the surprise isn't ruined.
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User Info: skywalker777gf

10 years ago#38
Oh........my......god. Quite possible.

Someone. Please. Objection.

User Info: Artix74

10 years ago#39
If this is true, Phoenix, Edgeworth, and everyone else has nothing on Apollo. Badass to the extreme.
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User Info: Goul111

10 years ago#40


That thread says that Gant had no motive for wanting to kill Niel Marshall. But evidence of of case 1-5 clearly contradicts that statement. As you all you know, Gant was able to manipulate Lana because the crime scene when she came made it look like Ema Skye had pushed Niel Marshall to his death by sword to the back through his lung and heart. In truth, Ema had knocked Marshall away thinking he was Joe Darke, effectively leaving Ema's finger prints on Marshall's shirt. Marshall was knocked out, and Darke and Ema passed out. Damon Gant as we all know entered the crime scene first, cut the piece of cloth with Ema's prints from Marshall's shirt and slammed the Prosecutor in to the Knight w/ Sword, and when Lana entered he had already made the crime scene look like Ema accidently killed Marshall.

While he had no motive, if Gant hadn't killed Marshall, he couldn't make it look like Ema did it. If he had killed Darke who Ema had originally thought she pushed, Marshall would still be alive to disprove this, plus Ema's fingerprints would still be on Marshall's clothes, leaving a strange hole in the events of Darke's death. This would lead us to one question. Who killed Joe Darke? It would have already been disproven it was Ema, so the only two people who could have done so would be either Gant or Lana.

While if SL-9 still has no relevance to Gant and Marshall being involved with Thalassa Gramarye, it could still mean Gant and Apollo Justice are in fact related, all I did was disprove that Gant had reason to kill Marshall before SL-9. Putting Joe Darke to his death and cleaning up SL-9 only served to speed up Damon Gant's promotion to Chief of Police, where he would then move Lana into Chief Prosecutor's position, giving him control of prosecutors and the cops.

While I did disprove this fact before anyone else thought about it while their minds were still being blown, it would still be badass if Apollo was in fact Gant's son. Every other piece of Evidence I've seen so far(I only read parts one and two) does state the connection between Gant and Justice. But would the writers really create Apollo's character with all of that information in mind? They are good as this series shows but are they REALLY that damn good?
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