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User Info: Kittah4

10 years ago#1
For you puzzle fans, if you had to choose Toki Tori or Lolo 1 and 2 for the VC, which would you? I might eventually get all three (or four if they come out with Lolo 3), but what do you think?
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User Info: Tomba42

10 years ago#2
For you, I'd recommend getting Lolo 1 and 2 first because there are more levels in two games than one. I'm a quantity kind of guy.

Plus I remember playing Lolo back in the day on my NES, and it was quite an excellent game with a number of real mind bending puzzles.

This one seems good as well, but since you asked order, I'd say the Lolo games first.
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User Info: ArmorKing

10 years ago#3
Lolo has 50 levels and Lolo 2 I believe 70 levels. Toki Tori has around 70 or so.

Toki Tori is more fun and laid back, but provides some really good brainteasers and clever usage of items. Lolo is the more serious, hardcore puzzler stuff, especially the infamous "PRO" levels...

They both play very differently under the surface, but Toki would be a great warm-up to Lolo.

User Info: DonIcy

10 years ago#4
You can't go wrong with either one (altough if you prefer Lolo you should get the first one to warm up for the second). So just toss a coin or something.
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