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User Info: tncamster98

10 years ago#1
Help!I am really very stuck if you can help me please comment!

User Info: TrulyDexterous

10 years ago#2
At the start, head up the ladder to the left. Up here is an Egg (1). Come back
down and head over to the right. Walk over the ladder and hop up the step to
the right of it. Build a bridge here. Walk over the bridge and grab an Egg

Use Brick Switch on the stack of bricks. You have now created a step. To the
right is the next Egg (3). Head down the ladders and walk towards the next set
to the left. On the way you will pick up another Egg (4).

Climb the ladder and at the top, walk to the right. Go over the bridge and the
bricks and you will step up onto a higher ledge. Up here use a Telewarp to
move up to the next floor.

Follow the ladders all the way to the top. Sat in the turret is an Egg (5).
Come back down the ladder about halfway. There is another Egg here, that is
holding a Ghost. Wait until the Ghost moves away, the grab the Egg (6).
Descend to the bottom of the ladders.

At the bottom go over to the left. Use a Telewarp to make it over the gap. On
the other side There is an Egg (7). Walk over to the left and climb the ladder
all the way to the top. There is another Egg (8) in this turret.

Come back down this ladder about halfway. You can move onto the same floor as
the Ghost. Just to the left of the Egg in the centre of the platform is a
single square of brick floor. Use Ghost Trap on this square. Now, wait for the
Ghost to move to the right, then grab the Egg (9).

Before the Ghost even hits the trap, run to the left and go down the ladders.
At the bottom move to the right and fall down the gap here. Head to the left
and use your remaining Ghost Trap on the only square of brick floor. Climb the
ladders to the left and wait for the Ghost to fall through the trap. Once the
Ghost is on the lower floor, wait for it to fall down the pit to the right. It
is then safe to drop down and collect the final Egg from the left (10).

User Info: SuperViolence

10 years ago#3
Wow the dude never got a thanks. : {
I'd rather shoot for the moon and miss then aim for the gutter and make it. wii - 0064 - 4536 - 4829 - 6907 - wii

User Info: tncamster98

10 years ago#4
Sorry man haven't been on in a while thanks!
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