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  2. Toki Tori
  3. bought this game on monday and i love it, what are some similar games?

User Info: smoky820

10 years ago#1
playing this game really put me in the mood to play more like it. so what are some similar games you guys reccomend? any console is ok for the games. i already have lolo 1-3 , and i have lost vikings for the gba, as well as norse by norsewest for the playstation. i plan on replaying them all, but what are some other games you guts would recomend? im considering buying the ps3 network version of lemmings.
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User Info: PatrilotIV

10 years ago#2
I definitely suggest getting Lemmings.. I used to play that game all the time.

User Info: mjtudor

10 years ago#3
3D Lemmings is very similar and frustratingly fun. It used to be available for PS one a long time ago.

User Info: NickDrake

10 years ago#4
The Lost Vikings is very similar to this.
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User Info: blinkfreak

10 years ago#5
not really similar but reminds me of it, Mario vs Donkey Kong for GBA. i hear the DS ones sucks or i would have picked it up.

User Info: mfspectre_basic

10 years ago#6
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle for the NES is pretty much the same thing, as well.
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User Info: Knight_Ogre

10 years ago#7
Mole Mania for the GBC.
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User Info: decolley25

10 years ago#8
Adventures of Lolo on the VC is kind of similar. Gyromite for the regular NES.
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User Info: Berzerktank

10 years ago#9
I second and third Lemmings. One of the best games in history right thar.

User Info: ArmorKing

10 years ago#10
Yep, gotta love action puzzlers. Try these if you haven't (some are on VC, some you can find as abandonware/freeware through google, and some are cheap on ebay)

Lolo/Eggerland series

Boulder Dash series (my all-time favorite)

Oddworld series

Prince of Persia series (the old school 2-D ones, which were more like action puzzlers than the modern 3d ones)

Lemmings series (a must play)

The Humans series

Lost Vikings (one of Blizzard's, yes, that Blizzard, earliest titles, easily the funniest action puzzler of these)

Chip's Challenge (big classic, and this has been ported almost everywhere)

Kumoon (a reat game, but mostly mentioning this as your player character is, like this game, a yellow chick ;-) ).
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  2. Toki Tori
  3. bought this game on monday and i love it, what are some similar games?
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