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  3. who wants a EU releace?

User Info: MACTIME2000

11 years ago#1
i know this topic wont help in it
but lets get some life back in this board

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User Info: RLegacy3

11 years ago#2
I do, but it looks incredibly unlikely at this stage.

User Info: kirby022

11 years ago#3
I bet that a lot of peoples want a the game to have a EU releace too Including me.

User Info: Dynastysoilder

11 years ago#4
Of course lots of people want it but who knows when it finally gets released, people are going to complain and all.
For myself, I really want it to get released but chances are really slim since it's almost 1 and a half years since the release of US. Ordering from overseas won't help because of the stupid regional lockout thing!
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  3. who wants a EU releace?
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