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User Info: CheddarLimbo

10 years ago#1

Folding (as for burritos, tamales, etc) seems to be the only skill I'm having a lot of trouble mastering. ANyone else have this problem? I can't really tell what the game is asking me to do, so I don't know how to improve.

Protip, anyone?

User Info: gobuffalo30

10 years ago#2
I know what you're talking about it and once you get the hang of it it's pretty simple. Just keep holding down the B button through it all.

Burrito - While holding B all you have to do is aim and it'll grab the burrito. Start at the bottom, it should grab then move your hand upwards. It should fold. Then go to the right side, fold it to the left and your hand is already on the left and so fold it back to the right. There's no need to re-aim while on the left after folding from the right as your hand will automatically grab the left side.

Tamale - Same concept. Start on your right, fold left and then fold back to the right. You don't need to re-aim when going back to the right as your hand will already be there. Then start on the bottom (I believe) fold up and then fold down. Also you don't need to re-aim as your hand will be in the right spot.
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