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User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

7 years ago#11
Well, actually you need some luck to get 2:15+

1. The blood from the gashes doesn't cover the small wounds.
2. The 4 gashes don't open while you close and suture them at once.
3. You have to find the first 5 kyriaki with 2 or 3 ultrasound.
4. The eggs are close to each other.

User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

7 years ago#12
R2 entry: 3:26:42
Proof: http://i40.tinypic.com/9as1s0.jpg

Just for fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WD2t2PdXzg (not humanly possible)
Maybe it's possible if we had healing touch in real life.. XD

User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#13
Yeah it's not gonna be as easy as I thought, the best I managed last night was 1:57 or something. I just remember the 2:07 being pretty unoptimized, but as you put it the luck factor is off the charts on something like this, mainly with the shadows of the eggs and Kyri's.

I've seen that video, it's awesome to watch and that probably is what a real life healing touch would look like. =P Imagine if the guy used the healing touch and didn't worry about rank, he would probably have gotten at least 4:40 for a time maybe even 4:50+

both of your entries are crazy and I''ll be lucky if I beat them. I'm not done yet still though. ;) hopefully we can get a bunch of people in here to make it really fun, and once the times stop improving we can move to another mission.


Round 1, XS 99 Vitals division:

1st: iwanttoeatsmz - 2:23:07
2nd: Demon1050 - 2:07:69

Round 2, Speed division:

1st: iwanttoeatsmz - 3:26:42
2nd: Demon1050 - 2:44:50

User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

7 years ago#14
R1 re-entry : 02:29:29

Got a bad during the operation :(

My pattern:
1. Suture the small cuts first
2. Drain all the bloods, close all the gashes, and suture all of them at once
3. Suture the small kyriaki wounds, find all of them, suture, then laser
4. Repeat for the last 2 kyriaki.(40-50 vitals if you're fast enough)
5. Do not raise vitals, just proceed to the queen
6. Find the eggs and the queen, cut all of them, fix all wounds, raise vitals to 30-40
7. Repeat until the queen die (Usually 3-12 vitals left at the end)

Maybe you should post somewhere else since Utk,SO,and NB boards on are dead.. I don't know where though >_<

User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#15
That's identical to what I do, except I do raise vitals until I run out of stabilizer before the queen (Usually hit about 70 vitals on an average run)

I'll try it with no stabilizer, but I'm usually dead by the time I get done with the 5 Kyriaki's. I'm sure you're being faster getting to the queen with 30-40 vitals I'd imagine.

Haven't played anymore yet but I will eventually, I just got NB the other day and I've been enjoying that (Damn Stigma is tougher than GUILT ever was! Even Bythos...)

Yeah...if you find a UTK2 or any TC forum period with activity we can move the topic there, otherwise I think people will come in eventually with patience.

User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#16
R2: 3:04:15

It was a nice smooth play and I'm proud of this, but I've a ways to go towards 3:26 which is crazy. I tried some R1 but I can't do it tonight, I keep getting 1:50's at best. :/

User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

7 years ago#17
R1: 2:31:45
proof :

How many stylus are you using? And how do you suture ( WWW? N? How fast? )

If you're doing it right:
1. After closing all initial wounds 90-94 vitals
2. 1st kyriaki wave 55-60 vitals (70~ if you inject stabilizer between the waves)
3. 2nd kyriaki wave 45-50 vitals (53-60 if you inject stabilizer)
4. Ideally 20-30~ vitals after cutting all the eggs and the queen for the first time

Memorizing the number of eggs may help too.

User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#18
1 stylus, N suture. I get cool's 99% of the time, how fast? uhh I dunno as fast as I can go :P

The vital targets are well beyond what I've ever managed, it's obviously a skill gap that perhaps can be covered. Time and practice will tell.

How far do you see yourself taking R1? Surely there's no way 3:00+ is possible? How about R2?

User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

7 years ago#19
I don't think 3:00 is possible for R1...
Opening the patient : 1:10-1:60s
Suturing all cuts : 7-10s
1st and 2nd kyriaki wave : 10-13 s
You only have 1:30 left for 3:00+ and I don't think it's possible to kill the queen and remove all 16 eggs T_T (Unless someone cheated by posting R2 time and raise vitals to 99 but that's unlikely)

As for R2, 3:39:02
Proof : http://i41.tinypic.com/2rf8ns0.jpg

User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

7 years ago#20
R1: 02:42:67
Proof :

Can't wait for Christmas Day ^_^ (It's 11 pm on my time now)
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