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User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#1
Welcome to the Kyriaki world championship tournament! This will test the skills of the best of the best, and only one will come out the champion. If this tournament is successful I may do ones for the other X missions.

So hows does this work? It's simple - and tests the raw skill of all entrants to fairly see who is the best of all.

First of all, you must be able to XS the mission. Otherwise you're disqualified for the first round. From there, The rankings will be based on vitals and finally time. Chain is irrelevant except for the event of a tied time, which is unlikely.

Reference for XS Requirements:

1:40 or more left on the clock
50+ Chain
No Misses
No Healing Touch

So basically it's a test to see who can finish with an XS rank with 99 vitals the fastest. A player that finishes with 99 vitals and 1:50 on the clock will beat a player that finishes with 13 vitals and 2:00 on the clock.

A video for proof is NOT required, however a picture would be nice. If you're unable to you will not be disqualified, but please be honest. This is just good old fashioned fun competition and you have nothing to gain by being a bastardous BSer. :P

My entry:

XS Rank, 99 vitals with 1:54 left on the clock. (Forgot the decimals) I'm going for 2:00+ on the clock, for which I will have picture proof.

Let's see your best!

User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#2
Second round division:

This is also for the X-1 Mission, only this time rank is completely irrelevant. Miss as much as you like, draw the star and screw up your chain as much as you want because the only thing that matters here is the absolute fastest time!

My entry: 2:24.xx, this is pretty bad and much faster should easily be possible.

Go for it!

User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#3
New record for time division: 2:44.50 I'm not happy with this, I had a crazy run that would have easily been between 3:05 and 3:15, but I was rushing too much and died as I cut out the queen for the final time. :(

I'll be satisfied with 3:00+

User Info: Aznox99

7 years ago#4
Wow, this board is really dead. I feel for you. My DS is packed away for a moment, and my surgical skills are a little rusty, but i will reply to this topic one day with a time and score....
You only get in trouble if you get caught.
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User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#6
Yeah I can't believe this game has been forgotten, most old games have quite a bit of activity at least 10-20 active topics but not here. :(

I'm sure there will be activity eventually, hopefully.

User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#7
R1 Re-Entry: XS Rank, 99 vitals with 2:07.69 on left the clock. I met my goal of 2:00+, but this wasn't that great. I may be able to get in the 2:20's

This is a good time to mention you may post as many entries as you wish as you improve, it's not over until you refuse to improve.

User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

7 years ago#8
R1 entry:
99 vitals, 2:10:02 left, XS
Proof : http://i40.tinypic.com/qn8dxv.jpg

Haven't played UtK2 for a year, so I'm a bit rusty..

User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

7 years ago#9
Had a good run today. Got lucky with the ultrasound.
R1 re-entry:
99 vitals, 2:23:07 left, XS

Proof :
http://i44.tinypic.com/euppau.jpg (time)
http://i41.tinypic.com/2crwt3p.jpg (rank)

User Info: Demon1050

7 years ago#10
Very nice man, funny how you're rusty and but still kicked my ass and I've been playing actively for a few months now trying to get all the XS ranks.

I won't go down without a fight though, I'ma give this a go tomorrow and aim for at least 2:15, if I get a miracle run together I may get 2:25. Don't know about 2:30 and beyond though, it looks unlikely - for me, at least.
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