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User Info: gogators4life

10 years ago#1

New Dawn of war 2 info from the PC gamer magazine, more info and scans coming soon.

- Drop Pods can now hit enemy troops
- SM are supersoldiers... it compared them holding a point to "300", though for the SM it's more like "30"
- Less focus on resource gathering and buildng (which sounds like buildings are still in, but not as many buildings)
- Bridges are functional instead of just decoration, and can be destroyed with troops on them (though Assault Marines will automatically jump to safety)
- Assault Marines can deal damage with their landing
- Troops can shoot from buildings the enter, but can be screwed if the enemy bombs or flames the building
- Orbital Bombardment leaves a patch of molten earth where it hits
- Wargear can be collected on the battlefield and equipped on different troops
- Campaign missions may have multiple objectives (such as "save the civilians" or "get the wargear"), and you may have to choose between them... your choices can affect later missions

User Info: idontlivehere11

10 years ago#2
Drop Pods can now hit enemy troops
Made of win .
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User Info: doanm

10 years ago#3
speaking from a strictly technical point of view drop pods in the first game were able to do that weren't they? I remember dropping pods on orks and they all ended up flying. But DoW 2 may be better since, it could allow you to directly target above a mass of enemy units. It would be a whole lot more awesome if a splurge of blood and guts gushed forth from the point of the drop pods impact on the ground.

User Info: Iminyourcloset

10 years ago#4
Campaign missions may have multiple objectives (such as "save the civilians" or "get the wargear"), and you may have to choose between them... your choices can affect later missions

I love all of the RPG elements they're adding to the game, it really personalizes your army, which is obviously a main feature in TT

User Info: Seekster

10 years ago#5
Wait civilians...oh snap!
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User Info: Nibblets_Curse

10 years ago#6
In the first DOW, drop pods where insane.

Get 4 dreadnoughts in the orbital relay and just dump them on enemy troops.

The enemies moral would go, and then they would be slaughtered by dreadnoughts.

I remember putting 6 squads of SM with plasma rifles/flamers with a dreadnought not quite built and making 7 pods slam the enemy and cause chaos.
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User Info: gogators4life

10 years ago#7

More DOW 2 Info!!!!!!!!!!!!

Technologies making the transition from CoH: Havok physics, destructible scenery, HDR and real-time lighting.

DoW2, at least in the single campaign, will focus on a number of persistent characters, who'll be developed over the course of the game. War gear is found on the battlefield, not awarded between missions Dark Crusade though there is a Dark Crusade character configuration screen.

War gear has to be "identified and equipped" before use - you don't get to use the war gear you find in the same mission, presumably.

A rolling demo:

Space Marines land on an imperial world, take cover on an over pass behind some crates
Orks arrive, charge the marines and are instantly pwnd for trying to charge across open tarrain.
Orks throw a grenade at the marines which destroys the flimsy cover and sends the marines flying.
Scene Change: marines are pinned down by heavy fire, orks send in heavy melee units and start pwning the marines.
Marines call in support, commander unit turns up and starts hacking at the orks with his chainsword.

Another Scene:

- Orks are occupying a building, marines then clean them out with flamer and grenades - the building collapses in a spectacular fashion

A further scene: a fire-fight on a bridge over an abyss. Orks throw grenades which destroy the bridge and wipe out a squad of marines, but the jump-pack equipped assault marines are able to use their jetpacks to leap to safety.

The ork warboss destroys everything he comes into contact with until a marine commander shows up with a thunder-hammer.

Less "static base building". That means, it's present but greatly reduced. Interesting use of the word 'static' - does that mean there's mobile base building?

Gameplay is also less resource gathering driven, but rather about deploying and using "powerful units".

Characters are often as powerful as whole squads.

Relic aren't talking about: what happens when a character dies, how wargear works in multi-player, will it have CoH territory systems, other races.

User Info: doanm

10 years ago#8

Sounds interesting, but the way your describing it its as if you actually saw gameplay footage.

Your not hiding anything from us are you gogaters?

User Info: gogators4life

10 years ago#9
PC gamer magazine is describing these things, they saw the video.

User Info: kharnthebetray

10 years ago#10
damn pc gamer keeping the video from us >:(

*shakes fist*
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