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User Info: metroid4life14

10 years ago#1
I just went to beat the boss (level 10) of the abyss, and I ran into this... randomizer. It's like a retro version of Big Bang Mini, and I don't know much about it because I died in like 10 seconds because I was expecting the boss. It said that there's nothing to win, and at the end it said that "this may be the last time we meet."

Anyone else find this? What the heck?

User Info: werejackal

10 years ago#2
yhe i encountered lots of those in luxor. couple of times but after i move ot the next stage onwards i never encounter it ne more. i didnt know whats there, never finsihed it. died midway
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User Info: Anwonu

10 years ago#3
Even if you don't die, the game stops in the middle. At least, I could survive for a while while shooting randomly, and it didn't seem I died.
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User Info: SymphoniousSky

10 years ago#4
I think it's like a little easter egg. I've run into it about 5 times when I go to replay past stages. Reminds me of that retro game from No More Heroes.
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User Info: aumgn

10 years ago#5
Any new info on this?

It's always strange which boards get a lot of use and which ones don't... why doesn't this game have more of a following? Lots of game sites were extra hyping it for months before it game out.
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