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~Persona 4 Board FAQ~ {Please read this before posting}
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can you meet reaper on any difficulty?angolmoa14/21 2:03PM
Is there a calendar?sweateryoshi64/16 8:54AM
Did the Persona 4 manga just end suddenly? I can't find anything past Chapter 17slk_2314/15 1:06PM
What's the best guide to follow?orestesdd24/6 9:33PM
So there is literally no way to recover my lost save?numberonecubs34/1 8:52PM
"Save failed"? (PSN version)SuperTriforce33/31 1:18AM
Are the SMT: Persona games the most 'slice-of-life-feeling' that a JRPG can get?slk_2323/25 9:37AM
Codebreaker V10 codes pleaseRogerG9912/14 3:24PM
Chaos Edition???KuraldGalain12/12 11:30PM
Rate my Electric Izanagi build (Fire & Ice variants included!)magicvex61/30 7:39PM
Should I play Persona 4 on PS3 or PCSX2?SteveGrabowski101/29 12:15AM
Inaba is based on the real world city of Fuefuki in Yamanishi Prefecture, Japanslk_2321/28 11:35PM
Margaret fight is a lot of fun (no twins or hitoshura spoilers)Mngalahad11/27 10:38AM
Wow this game is harder than I rememberedMngalahad11/23 6:46PM
Which S.Link is best to ignore maxing on first playthrough?al_vh1n31/7 10:24PM
Anyone who got true ending without using walkthrough?skimmedgreentea11/7 10:23PM
Sharing my story on this board (Persona 4) on 2012skimmedgreentea112/29 4:14AM
Bulls***tiest way to reach the endingMngalahad311/23 4:46PM
The beginning of the Persona 4 boss music reminds me of the Jerry Springer themeslk_23211/11 7:08PM
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