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  3. Will this Crave my EBA addiction?

User Info: ddrfan23

10 years ago#1
I personally LOVE Elite Beat Agents, haven't pulled it out of my DS much since I bought it on November 2006. Will this be like EBA? I like the cartoons (at least the old ones), and if it's at least half as good as EBA I'll spend the 20 bucks to buy this game.
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User Info: ddr_dancer

10 years ago#2
Yes, it's a pretty good subsitue, plus it has some awesome classical songs
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User Info: Chris_555_TK

10 years ago#3
Why'd you use the word "crave" out of context?

User Info: sephiroth_135

10 years ago#4
If you would like to completely ignore this post then by all means, Ignore it. 'Kay, Thanks, Bye.
To be honest, I wouldn't buy it if I were you... But I guess this is the first game I haven't liked that I played in the last year or so. IF you're good at Ouendan/EBA, this is slightly similar, but they have changed many of the core elements. Mainly instead of Just tapping all the note, You slide the stylus from one note to the other in time to the music. Also No sliders or spinners here. Another main flaw if you are used to Ouendan, is that the time in which you tap the note is gamebreakingly moved forward and decreased. While the music is nice and not crappy rock...

The Music was nice and the 3D could've been better for it being based on a cartoon if they put it in a cel shaded graphic style, however many cartoon based games don't do this any way so it doesn't really matter, Other than that the graphics in their 3D style are pretty nice especially for the DS.
Also there is the unskippable tutorial and the fact that if you pause(at least with start) it is impossible to resume and forces you to quit or restart. While not seeming annoying at first it can get quite annoying later.

*early game spoilers*
Also the story is rather weak and is based on that The Tazmanian devil stole episodes of the looney tunes but Bugs bunny or something happened and now they're back or something and the only thing which is missing is the music, So you have to be a conductor and tap the slide to the next note for each of the episodes. Choosing songs is Just menu based, And there is the added joy of a practice mode which is just going through the song without chance of failure, But you cannot move on, but that was quite rather obvious.

Some people may have found this game quite enjoyable and if you want to ignore this post, go right ahead. I haven't even played through half the game, I tried to see if it would get better, but sadly it didn't. If you have a flashcard or someway of playing this game without paying, Then by all means try it to see if it ends up being liked by you then by all means buy it after that. But I didn't like it at all. Well I did a little to be honest but not by much.

If I was reviewing this, which it kind of was but not really, I would give this about 4 or 5 out of 10, but that's going by the possibility that 5 is average instead of most peoples philosophy of 7 being average...

If you would like to completely ignore this post then by all means, Ignore it. 'Kay, Thanks, Bye.
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