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User Info: kingddd

10 years ago#1
It's ok so far. I've only played the 1st level though. First of all it's like EBA and ouendan where you tap to the note there are two differences though. First when there are notes that have 1,2,3,4 etc, you touch and slide it on beat correspoding to the circle unlike EBA or Ouendan where you just tap it. The 2nd difference is there will be a DDR sequence where the notes will come in a ddr style gameplay and you just touch the note that goes in the circle. So really it's an ok game.
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User Info: gunarm_dyne

10 years ago#2
While it's not the greatest, it is one of the better Looney Tunes games to come out in recent years since they keep it simple, fun, nostalgic, and the songs are nice and varied as well as fitting into each level very nicely.

User Info: Kung_Fu_Fighter

10 years ago#3
I got it yesterday. I played the first 2 songs.

It's fun. I never played EBA, but I think this would be better since it has the LT license...

It's a good game worth the $20 price tag.
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User Info: Blue_Target

10 years ago#4
Could've been better if you can somehow remove the stylus movement in the screen.
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User Info: Ryosagi

10 years ago#5
How are the unlockables? And how many stages are there in all?
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User Info: Dasende

10 years ago#6
It's no EBA that's for sure, but if you need something to tide you over until EBA2 English version comes out I'd say this makes for a decent substitute. Unless you abhor classical music, that is.
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User Info: jewelchan

10 years ago#7
I finished the game in one day. T T Anyway, it was fun to play.

For the unlockables, you'll get more songs once you finish (pass) some certain songs. I got total of 18 songs but I'm not sure if there are any hidden songs or not. (I got rank "C" for most of the songs. Wonder if there'll be something special if you can get rank "A" or "S" for all of them.) Then, once you finished all songs in Maestro mode, you'll unlock Looney mode which is more difficult. (But not too difficult. A lot easier than EBA, I think).

By the way, my cheat submission in the Code page is wrong. You only need to finish Maestro mode to unlock Looney. I just sent a correction to Gamefaqs so it should be corrected pretty soon. ^_^

User Info: nicklessguy

10 years ago#8
The game might be easier than EBA/Ouendan in terms of just passing the songs, because the error tolerance is big, but its incredibly harder to full combo the songs (S+ rank).
Actually, A is hard enough for many of them. S requires a LOT of pratice and S+ is just crazy to get.
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