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User Info: jernas

10 years ago#11

BioShockOwnz posted...

kieranb2000 posted...

BioShockOwnz posted...

kieranb2000 posted...
BioShockOwnz posted...

Wrong. The bank bailout catastrophe started under Bush Jr. He gave up his free market principals for socialism.

Learn your facts.

So what? Britain is a socialist country and it's doing pretty well... On topic though, Lots of people hate this game because. 1) It was an UT2004 mod to start with. Mods turned into full games have a negative stigma on them. 2) It looks worse than most UT3 mods graphically. 3) It's not very fun.

Haha, what? No, the UK as a whole is in more financial turmoil than we are.

This says it all:


I must say, thank you for directing me to that video, it has been an education :P

I didn't know that. Although I must point out, he was wrong in one very important point. You CAN spend your way out of a recession. Hell, it is widely known that there are three main ways to get out of recession.

1) Spend, Spend, Spend. Thus restimulating the economy. Results in more debt and is VERY risky, but it works.

2) Do very little. This is what most countries are doing in this recession. Simply taking each problem that the recession causes as it comes, and waiting it out. Also risky, since the world is unpredictable, but less so. Or

3) Restart. Basicly destroy your currency, create a new one, and start again. Like what Germany did after WWI. Albeit, for them it was only a temporary solution, but they were in...unique circumstances :P

Overall the guy is right though. Sucks that Brown is getting all the flak for this though, since it is largely his predecessor's fault. Tony Blair was simply smart enough to go "Oh, our economy is gonna crash? Seems like a good time to step down. :D"

Oh, and I'm British btw xD

Haha, as far as I am aware, no country has ever spent their way out of a recession. They've tried, but to no avail. I mean, if printing too much money is what got your here in the first place, then shouldn't you turn off the printing presses for a bit? It only makes logical sense. China is throwing us over the hill because of the devalued dollar. The more you print, the more useless it becomes.

And, there is something going on here. Many countries have been calling for a global currency, including your own. That global currency, which was once considered a "conspiracy theory", is called the Amero. But like most "conspiracy theories" when it comes to the government, it has come to fruition as truth.

Add together the fact that they're making a push for global currency and also that your PM wants a New World Order:

Video 1:


Video 2:


Sounds pretty terrifying to me. If you've read your history, then you'd know this is a slippery slope. Brown is just as bad, if not worse than Blair, actually.

Britain is in a pretty bad position atm, yes, but what does that got to do with Damnation?

User Info: BioShockOwnz

10 years ago#12

Hey, I didn't start the political discussion. :P

User Info: poor_ends

10 years ago#13
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User Info: Harlyboy

10 years ago#14
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User Info: fastheinz

10 years ago#15

Lol BioshockOwnz doesn't know what socialism is.

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