Erm...anyone playing this on PSP ?

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  3. Erm...anyone playing this on PSP ?

User Info: MoodyHoe

7 years ago#1
I'm wondering if I can relayed many questions I have had on this PSP version game since there are no board for the PSP one

Does anyone know if the gameplays were identical to each other ?

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User Info: NessEggman

7 years ago#2
The PSP and DS games are very different. The PSP game is a somewhat upgraded port of the PS2 game, though. There are people around here that have played both so you can ask questions here, but make sure that you note that you're not asking about the DS game whenever you do :)
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User Info: Dorfl_2

7 years ago#3
There is a board for the PSP game, although it's largely abandoned. I can't get over how much nicer the PSP version looks. I want it!
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  3. Erm...anyone playing this on PSP ?

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