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User Info: Squirrellord

9 years ago#1
I've been hearing a lot of people having trouble with the wheel sections of the game, or have the completely wrong understanding of it, like that you have to find a specific color beneath it.
So, what is the wheel?
The wheel is that wheel (obviously) that pops up on the touch screen from time to time. This is the Emotion Selection Wheel. You are picking how Keiichi (or whoever you're playing as at the time) is going to react to the situation presented before him. The choices on the wheel are thus:
Top: Truth- Keiichi will respond honestly
Bottom: Joke- Keiichi will lie, or make some joke
Left: Calm- Keiichi will calmly decide what to say
Right: Enthusiasm- Keiichi will excitedly (and probably stupidly) do something.

So, for example, when Keiichi meets Tomitake, Tomitake asks "What is that girl doing over there?" In reference to Rena in the Garbage Mountain. If you pick the Top Left (Honest/Calm) He'll say something along the lines of "She's searching for treasure, I guess." and Tomitake will simply say his goodbyes. If you select the bottom right (Joke/Enthusiastic) He'll say something like "I don't know, probably hiding the body she cut up." ... which makes Tomitake bring up the Chain of Murders, leading into the Onikakushi-hen.

Just figured I'd clarify... it's not about finding a specific color, those colors just show where you could press to get the same outcome

User Info: wataru12

9 years ago#2
Ah, so that is it's name when translated? Emotion Selection Wheel?

User Info: wataru12

9 years ago#3
Also, thanks for mentioning this.

User Info: Squirrellord

9 years ago#4
It's called the "Kanjou Sentaku System", or the "Emotion Selection System". I just felt like saying "Wheel" lol

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