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User Info: NonEmoAsian

9 years ago#1
i really like this anime and would like to play.
but i cant read japanese =[

User Info: Squirrellord

9 years ago#2
There's not much sense in playing if you can't read Japanese...
considering it's a novel, and there's nothing to do other than read.
Sure, there's a few spots you can make choices, but you still only read after those lol.

User Info: SirusRiddler

9 years ago#3
Since when has there has been the assumption that all Asians are emo? Is there a need to distinguish between emo and non-emo Asians nowadays? I must be out of the loop. xD

But seriously, the answer is no according to what I know. Good luck playing this game then!
"Even I'm eatable! But that, my children, is called cannibalism; and that is frowned upon in most societies." - Willy Wonka

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