What Are The Chances?

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User Info: MervL

9 years ago#11
The first season is licensed, but the second season isn't yet. That's what I was saying, so the chance will remain 0 unless they license that one too.

User Info: ricebeaner55

9 years ago#12
but they have to licence PS2 ver first
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User Info: SirusRiddler

9 years ago#13
I believe Geneon licensed Higurashi but they went bust so no one really owns it now...
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User Info: BanjoPaste

9 years ago#14
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User Info: DemonicChocobo

9 years ago#15
Surprising, but true. Funimation has adopted most if not all of Geneon's titles, Higurashi included.

User Info: wataru12

9 years ago#16
After finishing Tatarigoroshi-hen, and seeing a new CG, the chances of this being brought here look pretty low, unless it is removed.

If you can't guess what part of that chapter I am saying was made into a CG, it is of a certain event before they go to the bridge at the end.

Please note, that I do not want it removed, I am just saying.

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