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  3. Anyone tell me if i've got a good team for the future

User Info: wayne7515

10 years ago#1
I run the Shanahan Zone Block offenses and run the 3-3-5 Mustang defense should i change any philosophies to make team better and playing as Dolphins in offseason first in second year of season mode

Team Philosophy
QB: Pure Passer
RB: Workhorse
FB: Blocking
WR: Tall/Endzone threat
TE: Playmaker
OT: Pass Block
OG Zone
DE: Undersized speed rusher
DT: Run Stopper
OLB: 3-4
CB: Man coverage
FS: Centerfielder
SS: Run support
K: Balanced
P: Balanced

2008 FAs Signed
Ben Noll RG
Odell Thurman MLB
Randall Gay CB
Bernard Berrian WR
Alge Crumpler TE

2008 Drafted Players
Ryan Clady OT
Brandon Flowers CB
Malcolm Kelly WR
Tom Zbikowski SS
Josh Johnson QB
Dan Connor MLB
Antyha Rubin DT
Tony Bake RE

2009 FAs Signed
E. Salaam LT

2009 Drafted Players
Ozzie Jones HB
Kameron Walker WR
Noah Wyoming QB
Wally Jones LE
Clyde Norton TE
Clint Watson DT
V. Witherspoon WR
B.B. Holis QB
D. Wade SS
Rasheanti Shears CB

User Info: wayne7515

10 years ago#2
I've now entered my third season and just had the Boar Jackson Draft I didnt have many big needs besides a kicker, improvment at left guard and finding my future TE with Alge crumpler beginning to get old.
I started out with just 4 picks but managed to trade a few picks to increase the number to six the players i drafted are listed below.

2010 Draft
Jermail Rucker TE
Iman Hughes FS
Corwin Jones CB
Corlton Stewart SS
Duane Traylor HB
Makriri Skiggs CB

User Info: wayne7515

10 years ago#3
Well since i havent gotten an answer might as well just say how im doing after last season with ozzie jones winning rookie of the year i went 11-5 but i couldnt seem to beat the patriots at all and ended up playing them again in the playoffs losing in the afc championship game after beating both the steelers and the broncos to get there i was very upset at playing them again. This year has started off really good 7-0 but here come the patriots who it seem are going to actually have to worry about my team this time. During the season i traded athya rubin and alge crumpler away for draft picks i only have 4 in this draft again too like last year. I'm hoping to get a big bruiser back this year in the draft to help complment ozzie jones who isn't the best RB running up the middle more of an outside runner. Kammerion Walker is a beast at WR had 2056 yrds and 15 tds his rookie year but lost offensive player of the year to Brandon Marhall who had 2144 yds and 20 tds no wonder the broncos were so good. Noah Wyoming hasn't turned out to be the QB everybody seemed to think he would be he hardly gets over 250 yds per game and throws at least a pick each game is this continues i may have to get a QB this year in the draft but am extremly excited that this is the Tristan Riley draft where he should fall to the 6th or 7th rnd Tom Brady clone and is i the Top 50 future prospects list. I will message again about the rest of the season this weekend and list the players i drafted again and maybe some FA's as well after i got the accounting error game changer.

User Info: wayne7515

10 years ago#4
Wall jones was a terrible pick at LE so i suggest no one draft him he has a 85 potenital but is terrible in almost every phase of the game.

User Info: wayne7515

10 years ago#5
I've decided that i'm going to trade away Noah wyoming for some draft picks hopefully i can get at least a 1st rnd pick or a second rnd and a few lower rnds picks he just isn't doing good for me and this draft has some elite QBs coming out of it I know i wont be getting Ben Wade but I'm really eyeing up Tristan Riley and Marshall prosser who seems to fall towards the end of the 1st rnd the rest seem will get taken all within the top 15 unless someone gives me a high 1st rnd pick for Wyoming it will be down to those two.

User Info: wayne7515

10 years ago#6
Alright im done doing this draft Tristan Riley looks like William Perry but even fatter and Jelani Okoye looks nothing like a 330lbs RB he looks more like a frigging twig. I'm done with this draft path i'll get back when i've started a new team even with this being a very good team the looks of these players takes the realism out of it too much for me to continue playing so I think i will start a new one with a lower caliber team like playing as teams that are listed as being hard to play as maybe the Texans or the Chiefs maybe even the Bills.
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