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User Info: luke_skywatcher

8 years ago#1
Just got this in the mail today :) If anyone else is looking for this game, check amazon. I scored it brand new for under 14 bucks.

As soon as this sucker acclimates from the outside cold (mid-west winters suck :) I'm going to war!
King of cat-naps

User Info: Orthopox12

8 years ago#2
i heard this game sucks worse (btw i live in chicagoland area)
{Current clone: Orthopox 26}.

User Info: luke_skywatcher

8 years ago#3
LOL...I have a feeling you're right far it isn't very good, but for some reason I had to have this weird game.

I live North of you up in W.I.
King of cat-naps

User Info: Justinps2hero

8 years ago#4

This game gets hammered in all the reviews. I think that is rather unfair. I like playing the odd budget game, like Haze, Legendary, Kane & Lynch, I think this is the best of the lot. Its face value, no trophies or upgrades of any sort, but it sends you out on a mission, progressively gets harder, & makes you want to complete it. If you get it at a fair price, its well worth a crack. Check my review if your bored! :roll:

User Info: luke_skywatcher

8 years ago#5
I don't have a problem rooting for the under-dog, as long as it is decent. I really liked Legendary!

Also, since I've put a little more time into it, I agree with you Justinps2hero, ShellShock 2 isn't as bad as the reviews claim.
King of cat-naps

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