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User Info: WHollingsworth

8 years ago#1
I heard these Shellshock games are full of gratutious graphic violence, blood and gore?

Is this so?

If so, this game may be considred by me....

Nintendo Wii: making you wave your arms around like an idiot for no discernible result since 2006.

User Info: dude63

8 years ago#2
The gore at times is sick. Shoot someone in the head with a ak acouple times their brain matter gets splewed on the floor. Looking close at the head shot and you can see the eyeballs poked out the skull matter and hal the face looking normal while the other side is gross..to say the least. If you use a shotgun you can blow someones head off...while the teeth still remain. In other words if your worried about the gore..you shouldn't be..shellshock 2 has it covered.

User Info: shadowkiller11

8 years ago#3



Gore videos of shellshock 2.

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