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User Info: tzar_666

8 years ago#1
i bought this for 26 dollers and i loved it its about 4 1/2 hours long and has a good story the music is pretty good and its bettet then the first one... great classic old school style shooter

User Info: veryhappyman

8 years ago#2
i bought this ignoring most of the people that were saying this game is crap and so on.

after i finished it i thought damn i should have listen to them.

this is by far one of the worst games iv'e played this generation by far.

User Info: tzar_666

8 years ago#3
for 26 dollers i thought it was a great game

User Info: shadowkiller11

8 years ago#4
yeah its a good game, well decent

User Info: dude63

8 years ago#5
Enjoyable experience. Could of been longer and more varied (possibly) but what was there was a tight fun package. I picked mine up for 19 bucks..not regretting it one bit. I have been meaning to write a review..I just haven't gotten around to it.

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