escape from the temple of doom.

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User Info: homerfrog93

9 years ago#1

I'm stuck in the temple of the zombies, the one where the scaffolding collapses and you have to shake the controller to avoid being killed. (There's a pond in the middle) Anyway, I'm having a hard time getting away from the infected, as some of them sidle up to me slowly, and some rush me like a plebe trying to make daddy proud by getting into his old fraternity. Is there any way to just book through the temple and escape, or do I have to take out the zombies before I can make my way out? And how do I get out? Thanks.

User Info: StarForce__

9 years ago#2
You have to kill all the zeds to get the door at the far side to open. The M60 is a lifesaver here, and there's some ammo in the center of the pond and at the steps leading up to the door.
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User Info: Shotgunner

9 years ago#3
Yeah the M60 is what you need. Just try to avoid the "pray and spray" technique - it won't work. Try to keep backing up from the infected, shooting in short bursts to the upper torso.

Keep backing up, keep shotting in bursts, and sprint to a new spot if the mass of infected get to close, and you'll be fine.

Also, just a personal bit of advice - wait until you reload the M60 before you get the box of ammo so that you'll have more or less 2 full belts of ammo.

Of course, if you can get the M60 from the temple courtyard that would make things WAYYYYY easier for you...
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