Help me escape the Mansion!!!

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User Info: PiratejimARRG

9 years ago#1
I'm on the level where you are looking for the brother in jungle Mansion. I'm trying to escape. I've made it past the boss with machetes and am in the basement. I got to where I'm almost outside. Then about 20 guys attack you. How do you get past them all? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

User Info: bamagamer69

9 years ago#2
im not sure where you are exactly ,but i just uploaded a save file with all levels complete ,if that might help some,what level are you at and ill try to look and see if i can help you

User Info: PiratejimARRG

9 years ago#3
I think I'm at the end of level 4.

User Info: PiratejimARRG

9 years ago#4
Nobody has any advice?

User Info: Afoz345

9 years ago#5
Grenades!!!!!! Plus run backwards and let them come to you nice and slow. I can't explain to you enough the importance of explosives! Nade nade nade!!!

User Info: homerfrog93

9 years ago#6
I'm with Afoz. Grenades. Oh, and don't stand still.

User Info: ConfusedClergym

9 years ago#7
melee with a rifle. you dont even need bullets in this game
Well, I hope you enjoy your victory with one friggin` eye!

User Info: TimC7

8 years ago#8
Hi -

I just made it through myself. Basically, you have to shoot at the head. When the bunch of guys come for you, you have to run around and melee them rather than reloading.

On a related note, how do you get out of the mansion officially? I wasted like 25 guys, but now I'm just wandering around for 25 minutes? You can't go out the entrance, and there doesn't appear to be an exit.

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  3. Help me escape the Mansion!!!

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