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User Info: Col_killgore

9 years ago#11
what are you people talking about Shellshock Nam 67 was a great game for its time especially considering there were only like 2 good Vietnam games out. and ware else can you take drugs, blow limbs off a Vietcong, look at pinup girls, screw a Vietnamese hooker, watch your crazy buddy get blown to pieces by an RPG (that's Rocket Propelled Grenade not the type of game) all within twenty min. ya some of Shellshock Nam 67 was lame but it was all us Vietnam war game fans had and now there coming out with a sequel, that's sweet i don't even care that it is a zombie survival game I'm just glad there is another Vietnam game coming out and who knows this might put a fire under other company's to start making Vietnam games. so if you don't like Shellshock 2 because of Nam 67 then well then **** ya don't buy the game but **** about a game before it comes out.... next time keep your opinions to your self you just make an ass of your self.

User Info: king_madden

9 years ago#12
-actually liked the 1st shellshock game too

User Info: Powderfingers91

9 years ago#13
here here, i to liked the first shellshock, it shat all over conflict: veitnam i recon:D

User Info: shadowkiller11

9 years ago#14
shellshock 2 looks interesting, luckily its completely different to shellshock 1, to be honest i want to know why they even releate to shellshock, only thing similar is the vietnam setting. even new devs are mkaing it with a good track record.

User Info: koknarr

9 years ago#15
Somebody should make a decent Vietnam game with all this non stop WWII games.

Infinity Ward.

User Info: BLZBUB

9 years ago#16
Not every game that performs poorly in the sales department is a poor game...just poorly marketed or timed. I loved the original Shellshock, this one looks to take it in a new direction and, while there are visually superior titles on the market, it looks fun! I'm giving it a go for the hell of it.
[+[_]::] .... I Love DS!!

User Info: true_gamer80

9 years ago#17
this being from 20 years of experience involved with playing games.

lol than with all that experience its pretty sad you havent realised one very important thing, you should never judge a game before even playing it yourself.

You would think that 20 years of gaming would clearly teach you that.

lol you know whats funny anyone gaming as long as you/us should have learned that long long time ago, in fact its pretty much the number 1 rule when you have common sense.

User Info: deadcowboy6

9 years ago#18
You should try Men of Valor, that's good Vietnam game, though this one looks like it'll be pretty decent

User Info: Alex_09

9 years ago#19
Shellshock Nam 67 wasn't that bad.

Especially compared to this, but the best Vietnam game to date is Men of Valor without a doubt. That Vietcong series is garbage.

User Info: Alex_09

9 years ago#20
Hahaha, looks like deadcowboy beat me to it. Still I think we've proven our point.
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